Take Control of your Practice Financial Health

Patient Responsibility Estimation

Set Patient Expectations, Collect Payments Quickly and Provide Transparency.

Quickly obtain patient financial estimates at the point of service to help increase patient revenue, decrease billing costs and improve patient satisfaction through price transparency.

With Patient Responsibility Estimation (PRE), you’ll be able to:

  • Set payment expectations. Run patient estimates at any point during the revenue cycle to set expectations when appointments are scheduled and again when the patient arrives.
  • Decrease bad-debt. Highly-accurate estimates are generated based on remit data combined with patient benefit information so you can collect balances with confidence before the patient leaves the office.
  • Print patient estimates. Patient-friendly estimates can be generated and reviewed with the patient at the point-of-service.

By providing estimates and collecting at the time of service, Healthcare RCM can help you manage the impact of increased patient financial responsibility. You can refer at www.vowelsolutions.com for more information.


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